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Recruitment is changing as quickly as the rest of the society and its communication. It is more likely today to be approached by recruiter from the company via social network (LinkedIn, FB or others) then to be approached by any other way. Don't hide yourself especially when you are open to start your career during your studies, be present and use it to your advantage.

As I mentioned in the begining of the article, having a LinkedIn profile is essential these days. I know that you might be fed up your social media nd messaging apps already but Linkedin is a completely different thing because it is highly selective and also allow you to be highly selective when it goes into how and why you want to use it. LinkedIn profile is more important then your CV because many companies use the profile as a sufficient replacement of CV anyway, especially when you work in IT. So if you convinced that you need to join LinkedIn, here are some tips how it make look professional and to make sure that right people will recognize you there. 

1. LinkedIn is a visual as much as any other network, it is confirmed that people with photo are more likely to be approached and get responds from other users than people with no picture at all. BUT it needs to be appropriate.

a) Profile photo


Use neutral photo – not too formal or unformal, it is always better to have smiley face

Not recommended:

Don’t use party pictures, wedding pictures, cropped photo from group pictures, don’t be too in the distance or too close to the camera and don’t wear sunglasses or anything that is hiding your face.

b) Header (optional) - another visual that can help you to stand up, especially when you are working/ studying marketing or graphic design you will need to play with this feature.

2. Summary

Quick intro, imagine it as longer twitter post that should say others who you are as a professional or as a future professional

3. Content (experiences) 

LinkedIn can serve instead of CV but it shouldn't be written in the same way. It should be written more personal and engaged way. Write there information that you can share publicly about your employeer (intro), projects that you are involved and your role in that team. Also add there official "Video" that is related to your previous or current employer (usually can be find on official Youtube company channel) or  approriate picture. 

Note: if you dont have any relevant working experience, leave it empty but use other fields as projects (to write about interesting projects that you've been part of at your school or in your free time). Use volunteer section to write about your extra activities like cooperation with charities and non-profit organization. These two sections are highly recommend to populate in any case.

4. Other recommended sections to populate in your LinkedIn:

a)Languages - put there all languages in which you feel at least intermediate and higher 

b)Education - don't forget to put there you school even though you are still studying with estimated finished date

c)Add skills to your portfolio - write there hard skills that you achieved during your school and soft skills like (negotiaton, team player, presentation skills etc.)

5. Connect 

Once you populate as much as you could, connect with people you know. Start with your previous and current employeer colleagues, friends, This is ongoing process, once you meet somebody who might be a good fit to your network, find them there and connect. More connection=more opportunities (but target those who can have some impact on your future career mainly). 

6. Follow

On Linkedin you can follow people and companies. Pick companies that you admire and would like to work in the future and follow them to be aware of their news and opportunities.

Note: Account setting - Settings are important, especially those who are related to your visibility and how other people can contact you.

  1. Full profile vs Public Profile visible outside of your network – if you want to be reachable to your potential future connection set up your public profile as open as possible.
  2. Annoyed by LinkedIn – set under settings and communication your email frequency and who can send you invitation and messages.

If you have any concerns about your privacy and LinkedIn and let me know. We can set your profile so you can avoid being spam by LinkedIn and other LinkedIn members.

Now you know the essentials, trainings or recommendation on boosting your LinkedIn profile can be found online under LinkedIn or Youtube. Feel free to explore your options but I highly recommend you to do so. 

Date of publishing

September 19, 2017


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