Android Academy with Concur (free course)

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Concur is always trying to provide a space to the young technical talent studying Computer Science and Informational Technologies to follow their passion. So if you are interested in learning in how to develop on Android Devices, join our free Android Academy - free intensive course for beginners. See more about course in below and about the course preconditions. Capacity is limited!

The course is aimed to teach you by practice programming of Android applications. There will be none or very limited amount of time spent with presentations and maximum time spent with programming. The materials provided will be the links to official documentation, interesting books or online trainings. During the course you will be working on your own project where you can apply the achieved knowledge. By the end of the course you will present your project, the best presentation will recieve prize.

Requirements for the participants

How to learn more (see the course sylabus) and to apply:

Go to our shared folder for more instructions and to review the sylabus of the course.

Date of publishing

September 19, 2017


Concur (Czech) s.r.o.


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