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Alpiq Services CZ s.r.o.

IT, Ekonomie
Alpiq Group in the Czech Republic is represented by one of the largest international power and gas trading companies and the leading international player in Central and Eastern Europe, ALPIQ ENERGY SE. The company, with its headquarters in Prague, is the only energy wholesaler active from the Baltic States to Turkish borders with one of the largest and geographically most diverse contract portfolio.
Also, Alpiq centralized certain middle and back office functions within its shared service center, Alpiq Services CZ s.r.o. in the regional hub also in Prague. In energy industry, these business services, such as finance, HR, IT, project management and many others, require specific industry knowledge, which at the same time can be utilized regardless of the country or location of the individual companies. Alpiq Services CZ s.r.o., provides services to other companies of the Alpiq Group and the energy business itself, including energy trading professionals of ALPIQ ENERGY SE.

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